Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s and Dementia caregiving takes patience and flexibility. Here at Neighbourhood Home Care, our trained professionals have the means of offering your loved one both.

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Alzheimer’s disease typically causes difficulty remembering newly learned information, disorientation, mood and behaviour changes, deepening confusion about events, time and places, and more. Our role is to help reduce frustrations, be flexible, create a safe environment for your loved one and focus on individual care.

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Reduce Frustrations

A patient with dementia might become frustrated when simple tasks become more difficult. To mitigate these agitated feelings we work to establish a daily routine for your loved one. This also helps encourage consistency and helps us to identify any inconsistencies in your loved one’s routine. Neighbourhood Home Care allows for patients to take their time completing tasks and involves your loved one doing as much as possible to maintain and encourage daily activities. Our caregivers work with your loved one to provide choices and reduce distractions so that they can focus on and continue to enjoy the activities they love. 

Be Flexible

Over time, a loved one with dementia will become more dependent and the responsibility of managing daily tasks will increase. Here at Neighbourhood Home Care our caregivers have the time and flexibility required to reduce frustration and adapt routines and expectations as needed.

Our Caregivers help to reduce stressful environments for family members so that you never have to worry if your loved one is being cared for. 

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Create a Safe Environment

Dementia impairs a patient's judgement and problem-solving skills. These attributes increase your loved ones risk of injury. To promote safety, yourNeighbourhood Home Care caregiver will among other precautions, help to prevent falls and maintain the use of locks in your loved one’s home to mitigate risks of them getting into hazardous materials or wandering into unsafe environments.

Focus on Individual Care

Each individual with Alzheimer’s disease will experience it’s symptoms and progression differently. Our Caregivers are highly educated and practice the patience and flexibility necessary to tailor your loved ones' care to their specific needs while helping them to live their life to its fullest.

Neighbourhood Home Care

We take pride in the quality service we provide to our clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your family members have the peace of mind and service you deserve.

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