Your loved ones’ quality of life is our passion and their health and happiness is our top priority. Here at Neighbourhood Home Care we understand that a little help can make all the difference. Our companionship services will allow your loved one to maintain a sense of independence and dignity while enabling them to stay safe in the comfort of their own home.  Providing them with freedom and ability to continue living their life to its fullest, at every age.

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Ease Anxiety

When choosing to age at home one significant concern that may arise is the risk of depression and anxiety. Companionship and social interaction are crucial to your loved ones' health.  

Easy Travel

Our services include travel companions for your loved one when completing a shopping trip or their daily appointments. Our companions will be there to help them complete daily activities such as daily exercise, gardening, housework or hobbies!

Have a Friend

Our Neighbourhood Home Care companions will help keep your loved one engaged. Even simple tasks like doing the dishes or making your bed are more enjoyable with a friend. 

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Tailored Programs

Our companion program is tailored for your loved ones’ specific needs and lifestyle so that they can continue enjoying their passions and living life to its fullest, at every age.

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Neighbourhood Home Care

We take pride in the quality service we provide to our clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your family members have the peace of mind and service you deserve.

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